Got a road trip planned ahead?

It may not be enough to pack those bags, get the tank fueled up and make sure you have all the things you need to reach your destination.

Here are some extra precautions you can take to ensure a smooth ride.

Check Your Tires

Inspect all four tires for bulging, tears and cracks. Is the tread still visible, or does it look worn out? You will need your tires in good condition as it's the one that makes contact with the road. Driving long distances in rough terrain or bad weather can quickly wear them out, and blown tires can really put a damper on your adventure.

After you've replaced your worn-out tires with new ones, check if they have the right pressure. Then, pack a jack and spanner and learn how to change tires.

Have It Looked At By A Professional

When was the last time you drove your vehicle in a car shop and had it inspected by a professional mechanic? You could be due for repairs or essential maintenance procedures. Do this two to four weeks prior to the road trip so you still have time if any major issues come up.

Have your car tuned up by changing fluids on the radiator, brakes, power steering, windshield washer, coolant, oil and transmission, checking the belts and hoses for damage and ensure major components such as the engine and the body are road-worthy. Have the AC unit checked and cleaned as well so you and your family will be comfortable throughout the drive.

Clean The Interior

It makes total sense to do a mini spring cleaning of your vehicle's interior as you and your friends, family or loved ones will be spending most of the time inside. Maximize space by taking out unnecessary items or clothes. Then, vacuum up dirt, dust and food particles using a small brush or a vacuum. Wipe all surfaces with a microfiber cloth and clean the carpet. Put on a car air freshener or spray disinfectants to make it look and smell nice.

Don't Forget The Emergency Items

Prepare for any mishap that can happen while on the road. Pack a bag and fill it with the following- a torch, batteries, a first aid kit, jumper cables, bottled water, toilet paper and a few snacks. Bring some blankets if you're traveling with children and diapers for babies.

Do A Test Drive

A few days before the road trip, take your car out for a spin to get a feel for its condition. As you drive, test out the brakes, the lights, the wipers and the mirror. Not having all the lights for the rest of the trip can put an end to your much-awaited journey.

Head To The Car Wash

Last but not the least, head to a car wash so you'll have a clean, shiny car that's ready for the ultimate road trip. Most washes shouldn't take more than 10 to 15 minutes and they make your car nice to look at.