No matter how long the flight, a long plane ride can feel like an eternity. Even though flying is the fastest way to travel, you can feel like you’re wasting time, bored, and restless if you don’t have activities planned for your trip. Here are some things you can do on your next long plane trip.

Read a Book or Magazine

Although you may not normally have time to sit down with a good book and read, a long plane ride is the perfect time to catch up on reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to or your favorite magazine. That’s why books and magazines are the top selling items in the airport stores.


Need to catch up on some much needed sleep? A long flight can be a great way to get those extra Zzzs and kill time on way to your final destination. Some tips for a more restful sleep include bringing a travel pillow, wear comfortable shoes you can slip off easily, and use snoring prevention, like Breathe Right Strips, if you have been known to snore. Nobody wants to sit next to a snoring passenger, so plan to be comfortable yourself and let others enjoy their flight as well with snoring prevention.

Work or Study

A long plane trip is a great time to get some work done or study for school. It’s quiet so you can focus on your work. Laptop computers make it even easier these days to write a paper for school, study for a big test, or complete the work you need before your vacation or business trip. Take along a pen and a pad of paper too in case you want to joy down some notes.

Play Games

Everyone likes to play games! If you are traveling with someone you can play cards, a magnetic board game, or on a laptop computer. If you’re flying solo you can still play with handheld portable games or computer games. Make sure you bring an extra laptop computer battery since gaming tends to drain your battery quickly, and you may not have anywhere to plug in while flying.

Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Kids and adults can both have fun with crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, and Sodoku, the hottest new game of logic. You can buy a book of all of these puzzles mixed together to entertain and challenge you.

Music or Audio Books

With the popularity of portable Mp3 players like iPods, taking music with you anywhere you want is easier than ever. You can also get a new book on tape, CD, or digital download. So for those of you who don’t like to read, now you can have the book read to you for the same cost as the book itself. What a deal!

If you are planning on taking a plane ride over 2 hours long, try bringing a few items to do on the flight. Take a magazine, sleeping pillow, music, and a laptop computer to be sure you’ll always have something to do on your trip.